Moisture Penetration

Walls made of brick or stone can absorb water easily. If water freezes and thaw, it puts stress on the entire structure. Moisture penetration affects the masonry materials and can harm adjacent elements such as wood, metal, doors, and windows. Moisture control is a common solution in masonry restoration to prevent this damage.


Masonry structures are often prone to cracking due to settling, moisture infiltration, inadequate mortar preparation, and natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, which can pressure walls and foundations.


Stains can be an eyesore and costly issue for property owners who want to maintain their home’s appearance. It’s usually caused by exposure to natural elements such as water and weathering in the masonry materials or mortar.

Bond Failure

A masonry structure’s strength depends on the bricks and stones remaining undamaged. Yet a persistent problem in a building is the deterioration of adhesion among these materials. Hollow spots, peeling, or bulging of the top layers are the results.

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